thank yous.


I'm taking a break from packing to post some thank yous.

1.elizabeth- for getting me started packing/cleaning…and for still being my friend after climbing out of my closet.
2.Mrs. Tracy- for making the most amazing set of packing instructions. They were such a big help!
3.Anna Renee- for distracting me by watching Gilmore Girls with me and for promising to visit.
4.April and Charis- for putting things into perspective…i.e. making fun of the fact that I have snot bubbling out of my nose when I’m having an emotional breakdown.
5.Anna Rose- for playing with me and giving me hugs and kisses.
6.Dad- for giving me work to keep me busy and to keep my wallet full. And for having a huge trailer to carry all our stuff.
7.Mom- for reminding me that I will be okay and for helping me with life.


elizabeth Langgle: said...

ahh, emotional breakdowns... i have them often... there is no shame :) you're welcome, though im not sure that i helped at all. but i love you and you WILL be okay... it is ok to feel a little overwhelmed... change is always overwhelming... but we will meet it head on with some chinese and a movie. :)

Tracy Langgle said...

Yay for chinese and a movie!! Don't forget to pack your chinese bowl you painted at FSU. Life is an adventure (when your not dying~ remember it is the best adventure of all). Paraphrased from another quote. I am a mom I can do that!! Make up things as I go that is ha ha Anyways your welcome, just sorry you did not get the silly cards earlier. But I am grateful they provided a little help. Tell your dad we appreciate the trailer as well! Lot easier that way for us! You are going to do great!! And by the way just try to relax and enjoy the change!! It will be fun!