Nancy Drew.


Sooooo, my sister and I have had a 4 day Nancy Drew party. Oh yes. It started on Tuesday when the Nancy Drew computer game came out. (Yes, I play the computer game with my sisters...don't judge) We also watched the Nancy Drew movie, had decorations, cake, and snacks. It's been a party. We finished the computer game tonight. (It was a little scary-haha). Here's some pictures of our extravaganza.


Question mark cupcakes and magnifying glass cake :)

Charis-dressed up like Nancy.

Computer game!

On the computer.



Tracy Langgle said...

Ok ya'll are having too much fun over there..we feel left out!!

elizabeth Langgle: said...

this is hilarious. you need to break out the classic books... none of the new stuff can compare to them... I love the magnifying glass cake. ya'll are so funny