thank yous.


I'm taking a break from packing to post some thank yous.

1.elizabeth- for getting me started packing/cleaning…and for still being my friend after climbing out of my closet.
2.Mrs. Tracy- for making the most amazing set of packing instructions. They were such a big help!
3.Anna Renee- for distracting me by watching Gilmore Girls with me and for promising to visit.
4.April and Charis- for putting things into perspective…i.e. making fun of the fact that I have snot bubbling out of my nose when I’m having an emotional breakdown.
5.Anna Rose- for playing with me and giving me hugs and kisses.
6.Dad- for giving me work to keep me busy and to keep my wallet full. And for having a huge trailer to carry all our stuff.
7.Mom- for reminding me that I will be okay and for helping me with life.



I have nothing to say...but feel bad about not posting anything recently. I promise I'll do better...or at least try.



that's my new age. oh boy.





I saw this over on elizabeth's blog...I thought I'd pass it on.

(learn more here)



All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. -Pablo Picasso



Traveling up US1 in a VW van is on my bucket list...I read this in my book and it reminded me.

"In the 1950's, before the federal interstate highways cut the U.S. in six-lane precision, wonder, efficiency and freedom, their smaller and less efficient two-lane twin brothers politely meandered through and around small-town America--careful not to upset the balance of pecan trees, live oaks and fourth-generation chickken farms. Dotted with concrete-block, mom-and-pop motels, full-serve gas stations and all-u-can-eat buffets, U.S. 1--something like an east coast Route 66--was the lifeline of every traveling salesman and vacationing family from Maine to Miami. Between the free orange juice stands, junk stores, alligator farms and state-line souvenir stores brimming with stale Claxton fruit cakes and Mountain Dew, the route represented Americana in its heyday."

-Where the River Ends by Charles Martin

Nancy Drew.


Sooooo, my sister and I have had a 4 day Nancy Drew party. Oh yes. It started on Tuesday when the Nancy Drew computer game came out. (Yes, I play the computer game with my sisters...don't judge) We also watched the Nancy Drew movie, had decorations, cake, and snacks. It's been a party. We finished the computer game tonight. (It was a little scary-haha). Here's some pictures of our extravaganza.


Question mark cupcakes and magnifying glass cake :)

Charis-dressed up like Nancy.

Computer game!

On the computer.


happy thoughts.

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Well, I just added my first items to my new Etsy shop (just cards for now)! (I'm very excited.) So far all the items are to raise money for the non-profit organization For The Silent.

"Not a movement but a reaction to the heart of God."

blogs and blueberries.


I found a cute new blog and a lovely post about blueberry lemonade. I really miss fresh blueberries.

Art inspiration.


I was looking at FSU's art department website and came across this inspiring article:

and you can find more here:

tea cup storage.

I have a semi-large collection of tea cups and love this idea:
(click the picture to learn more:)


Sometimes its okay when a camera doesn't creates pretty colors...

(I wish I could create pretty colors when I'm un-focused. Instead I waste time and get nothing done.)

So much to little time.


I'm heading off to college (transfering) in less than a month and I have so much to get done.
(i.e. working in the field, painting furniture, packing, organizing, more packing, and I have a bunch of summer projects I promised to get it's birthday month-so celebrating will be happening as well :)

So, I'm not expecting to get much blogging done...I still want to post my vacation pictures.



An overview of my vacation:

day 1: drove 8hrs...arrived at first stop-Georgia...went to see Night at the Museum 2
day 2: drove 11hrs during which we stopped in Tennessee and did not see Hannah Montana and celebrated Father's Day at Dairy Queen. Got to Grandma's house in Illinois.
day 3: Went to town go shopping with the family...Ate at the most amazing chinese restaurant...
day 4: Went with Grandma's cousin Margianne to The Nature Grove at Funks Grove...I also found where I want to get married. For lunch we ate at The Palms Cafe an original cafe on rt. 66 ( just re-opened). We did a little thrifting around town then found and old soda fountain (I got an orge ice cream soda--which was amazing)
day 5: Celebrated Grandma's birthday-ate strawberry shortcake and watched Anne of Green Gables
day 6: Left Grandma's house (and Grandma...she would come later) and drove to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. (This is where our Family Reunion is every year but we got there a day early this time)
day 7: hung out (mostly read my book)...dinner with ALL(minus the 1st cousins) (and by all I mean all 80 famliy members)the family at 5:30...2 of the cousins got there after dinner
day 8: traditional breakfast buffet with the (1st) cousins at the lodge's restaurant...later went tubing with the same group (minus Mom, Anna, and Grandma)...played games with the 1st cousins and a 2nd/3rd? cousins...dinner at 5:30 with ALL the famliy
day 9: went on a trail with the 2 first cousins my age and 2nd or 3rd (who knows) cousins a little older and their dad (3rd uncle???) ... Lunch with ALL the pictures...left Turkey Run...went to the cousins house...out to eat for the twins' b-day...
day 10-12: hung out with the cousins
day 13: left the cousins ate lunch with Dad's aunt and uncle in Kentucky...Headed to Georgia
day 14: Did Atlanta touristy things: Coke Museum-The Varsity (F.O.s are my new favorite)-Stone Mountain lazer show...
day 15: drove 11 long hours home (watched "Mommy and Me" about 6 times because Anna Rose was sick and got what she wanted)

pictures to come...

Peter Pan.


I'm currently in love with Peter Pan... My family listened to Peter and the Starcatchers and are still listening to Peter and the Shadow Thieves. They're really good. Then I watched Finding Neverland at my cousins...which is really good too.

"To die would be an awfully big adventure."- J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)

home sweet home.

I just got back from vacation-ing this evening. I definately have a lot to blog about..and I'm behind in all my blog reading. I'll try to post more soon but this is going to be a busy month.
(It's my last month at home! (And my birthday month)I have so much to do and so little time). Right now I'm waiting for some laundry to dry/unpacking/cleaning/blogging. :)