This week I learned...


1. what they eat in Nepal.
2. that I like curry.
3. that my favorite variety of blueberries is princess/prima donna.
4. that my least favorite variety is jewel.
5. that you can't start a lawn mower with the blade down.
6. that Newsies was directed by the same guy that did Highschool Musical.
7. that I have no idea how to multiply (double digits) without a calculator.


elizabeth Langgle: said...

eww... his standards have steadily decreased since newsies... christian bale to zac efron? how does one live with that kind of conscience?

Tracy Langgle said...

Oh no curry--elizabeth will hope you don't go crazy about that...first roommate cooked with it allllll the time and the house would smell like it LOL

Kristen said...

i don't like it that much. =]