Tasha Tudor.


ok...so when I was about 11 my grandma gave me the book, Corgiville Fair by Tasha Tudor. I loved it; the illustrations are beautiful and very detailed. We later got another book by her and I loved it too. I always pictured Tasha Tudor as a young blond woman...and just the other day I found her website. She is NOT a young and blond...

Here's a picture of her...

Yeah, she's pretty much the cutest little old lady ever. The only sad part is that she died last year! =[ But she had a long life of illustrating; she was 92 and had been illustrating books and cards for 70 years. She is my hero.

I want to look like this when I'm old.

And she's cooking with a bird on her shoulder...oh, Tasha.

here's the website.