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Slide fear.


This is my greatest fear in life...

When I was little I loved the huge slide at the fair but would later dream of flying off of it.
Now when I drive over a bridge or overpass I feel like my car will leave the road and keep going up (I don't think I fully understand the concept of gravity).

It kinda makes my stomach hurt.
(I can't remember where I found this terrifying picture)

friday-how to.


things I love.

1. beautiful barns...2. * this table

3. * cute haircuts

4. * puppies

5. drawing in flour

6. big rooms...with bookshelves.


7. cute family photos

* I can't remember where I found these photos...




A forrest, full of moss waits silently for the Moss Hunters...

Moss Hunter #1 silently sneaks in, ready for some action.
#2 Moss Hunter is close by waiting until the moss least suspects.

#1 and #2 join forces to create....THE MOSS HUNTERS!!!

Despite their effort, there is no moss to be found. So the Moss Hunters settle for blueberries.

Thank you Moss Hunters for your great effort.

Random Art of Kindness-Etsy.


Well...I've been working on my "Random Art of Kindness" Etsy page and decided to share. I created it a few months ago but have been slowly getting it ready. I'm currently trying to set up my bank account (which has been a pain) and next will be to "add new items". I mainly want to have art work that raises money for different organizations, but I'll have some fun artwork as well. I'm gonna do some stuff for the organization For The Silent to start with. You can click on the picture above to go to my etsy shop. =]

If you have any suggestions
feel free to share them with me.



I'm SOOO soon-to-be roomies and I just signed the lease for our house!!!!! It is perfect--old wood floors, pretty windows, old door knobs (with skeleton key holes:), a really big yard (front and back-perfect for a slip-n-slide)....

(love this :)

Happy things.


10 Things that make April Joy happy :

1. Playing with children
2. Helping people
3. Chocolate
4. Reading mystery books
5. Camping
6. Eating mac and cheese with green chilies
7. Going to our family reunion
8. Trying new foods
9. All-you-can-eat buffets
10. My hamster Steve

Notes to self.

1. Never wear white while eating spaghetti.

2. Never wear white...ever. It's just a bad idea.

3. Never go anywhere without a tide pen.



Tasha Tudor. when I was about 11 my grandma gave me the book, Corgiville Fair by Tasha Tudor. I loved it; the illustrations are beautiful and very detailed. We later got another book by her and I loved it too. I always pictured Tasha Tudor as a young blond woman...and just the other day I found her website. She is NOT a young and blond...

Here's a picture of her...

Yeah, she's pretty much the cutest little old lady ever. The only sad part is that she died last year! =[ But she had a long life of illustrating; she was 92 and had been illustrating books and cards for 70 years. She is my hero.

I want to look like this when I'm old.

And she's cooking with a bird on her shoulder...oh, Tasha.

here's the website.



I'm working on illustrating a children's book (written by elizabeth:) and I needed some inspiration. So here's what I've found.

(BELOW artist:Joyce Lankester Brisley)

(ABOVE AND BELOW artist: Jessie Wilcox Smith)

***I will definitely be blogging about Tasha Tudor later...

Bucket List.


So, I've been inspired by my 13 year old sister's bucket list. It's way better than mine.
Here it is:

1. find a clam

2. taekwondo a mugger

3. solve a mystery

4. eat a wild plant

5. survive in the wilderness

6. compete in a jumping horse show

7. learn French

8. go to Austrailia

9. go on a mission for the CIA


The new and improved Kristen is here...
I have always hated cooking, but this week I have been in the mood to cook. =]

I've made 4 things:

1. homemade tomato sauce

2. quiche(a) (with veggies(b) from my family's garden)


3. red velvet cupcakes!


4. Blueberry muffins! (with our blueberries, of course:)

U-Pick day 1.


Out in the Blueberry Field...U-Pick workers =]

(part of) our parking lot

Doodles (during the lulls)

handpicked blueberries =]

Cleaning the buckets

Saturday evening photo updates.


because I haven't posted photos lately....

my family has a garden and our first veggies were these beautiful radishes... (they look better than they taste...)

I got a free plant from the recycling club at BCC...its a marigold =]

we have pretty little daisies all over our yard.

My adorable little sister

ps. I'm still working on my blog layout/colors etc.

Invisible Children on Oprah.


hellooo, elizabeth.

(Lets learn about my friend) 


15 things that make me happy (just a few, and in no particular order)

1. Kristen May--enough said
2. Family movie nights complete with ice cream sandwhiches
3. Slurpees on hot days...or really any day
4. Kayaking with Jenna and making pirate sounds
5. Cool green grass under huge shade trees
6. Louis's Breakfasts with Mema and Granddaddy
7. Invisible Children's fight for justice for the kids of Uganda
8. Dad and little brother's baseball games
9. Ice water in mason jars
10. Using movie quotes in everyday life
11. Baking while using my bright vintage pyrex stirring bowls
12. thick books on my bookshelf
13. My Toms shoes
14. 2 years olds--particularly my niece's quotes
15. Campfires and smores

visit her at her blog (and see my 15 "happy things")


"It’s impossible. But we’re in the business of doing the impossible. Oprah Winfrey came out to the crowd this morning, picked out Jason, Bobby, and Laren, and took them inside her studios to let them know SHE IS COMING TO THE RESCUE by modifying her show to include them today! The three filmmakers will be on in a half-hour locally, and nationally beginning at 4:00PM Eastern. Stay tuned for footage and more details, and congratulations to everyone who’s been a part of the Rescue!"

(more here)