3 things that interupt my learning.

(My Education Portfolio is due Monday and I haven't been keeping up with it this semester...(bad kristen) so now I'm working on it and I've been facing a few difficulties. I thought I'd share.)

#1 My sisters and mom have been on the computer all day, so I've had to type things on my laptop upstairs then save them to my flash drive and wait for the computer downstairs to be free, then print my papers.

#2 I printed about 5 or 6 pages then the printer (of course) runs out of black ink.

#3 I try looking for an extra ink cartrige on the computer desk and there's a cup of soda sitting there so I decide to move it (smart kristen) and I set it on the chair next to me. But as I set the cup down...I knock it over (clumsy kristen). I just cleaned up the carpet but I'm still ink-less and paper-less.