The Rescue...continued...continued.




The Rescue...continued.


11 cities left to be rescued...
Click on the picture to read more.

jones soda.


read more about what the jones soda office did for earth day:
article or website.
(I love jones soda:)



3 things that interupt my learning.

(My Education Portfolio is due Monday and I haven't been keeping up with it this semester...(bad kristen) so now I'm working on it and I've been facing a few difficulties. I thought I'd share.)

#1 My sisters and mom have been on the computer all day, so I've had to type things on my laptop upstairs then save them to my flash drive and wait for the computer downstairs to be free, then print my papers.

#2 I printed about 5 or 6 pages then the printer (of course) runs out of black ink.

#3 I try looking for an extra ink cartrige on the computer desk and there's a cup of soda sitting there so I decide to move it (smart kristen) and I set it on the chair next to me. But as I set the cup down...I knock it over (clumsy kristen). I just cleaned up the carpet but I'm still ink-less and paper-less.

God is Love.


There is hope if we endure.


Search and Rescue from Invisible Children Europe on Vimeo.


I always love her quote of the week (I think I will start my own) the image for more. =]

the Rescue.


happening this Saturday!!!

How'd it go?


"White House confirms it got 2 million red envelopesPresident's mail worker claims letter campaign 1 of largest in 35 years..."

Read more here.

Happy Birthday (pictures).


Well, Anna Rose's birthday was the 14th so I'm a little late with the pictures... but here they are.

Driving her birthday car...holding up 3 fingers (her age:)Her amazing cake.
blowing out the candles.
Diggin' in.

April had a birthday too and her cake was beautiful also...but I forgot to take a picture (yes, Anna is the favorite:)

It happens.


taking a break from writing...I blog.


I've haven't made any lists recently and have been missing them...

Things I need to do:
  1. Finish my 2D design paper
  2. Write 3 journals for World Religion
  3. Finish 2D art project
  4. Research Bloom's Taxonomy
  5. Start Intro. to Ed. presentation
  6. Write my discussion board for art history
  7. Take art history quiz

well, that's not bad at all...making a list makes everything better.

And now I'm off to start checking things off that list. =]

ps. The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers is excellent.

The best of both worlds.


So, yesterday I went with a small group of friends to see......Hannah Montana (the movie), in theater, opening night. Yes, it was amazing. Not gonna lie, I almost cried.
My new goal is to learn this dance....

(And no, I don't care what Miley Cyrus is doing in real life...)

spring breaking.


I'm watching...The Wiggles (uuugggg) with my little sister (she's sick and has been watching a LOT of The Wiggles). So, I though I'd upload a few of the little projects I finished over my spring break. (I have a few other projects but they're birthday presents so I can't upload them:)

#1. turtle stool (I just re-covered it...I got the stool at a garage sale)

#2. heart stamp...

#3 Louise Nevelson-inspired asemblage...(possibly an example for an art project I'll do over the summer if I teach a class at the summer art camp for kids)
Ah! Anna fell asleep...No more Wiggles for me!



So, they officially win the best birthday party award.



I just pick some delicious blueberries! I love blueberry season. (For those who don't know, I live on a blueberry farm:)

art love.


I love these...more at her etsy shop and here's her blog.


I take it back, I don't want to change my blog...
I tried to improve it, but i decided I wanted it back the old way...and it erased all my stuff. So now I have to redo everything. It's annoying and may take a little while.



I finished my research paper on the Holocaust...1 down 2 to go. I'm now working on my art history paper: compare/contrast the Mona Lisa with The Woman with the Hat. If anyone has info on The Woman with the Hat, let me know...
(I'm ready for spring break:)

one day without shoes.