blah blah blog.


I had a cold last week...and now I have another cold? or something cold-like. I'm so sick of being sick. I have been sleeping a lot today and watching a lot of movies (and gilmore girls:). Thankfully I didn't have too much hw and got it mostly done. But now I'm having cabin fever. I'm sick of being inside and I'm sick of sleeping, and I'm sick of watching tv. I don't have very good timing though because it's 11:30ish and there's really nothing to do. tomorrow I am determined to do something even if I die...or get others sick. =]

oh, here's my list for the day.

Things I want to learn:
1. how to make these puff ball things.
2. how to knit
3. yoga
4. how to cook

blah blah blah...I have nothing interesting to talk about...but I don't know what to do! help me.

this makes me smile...


A.R.Williams said...

If you need someone to keep you company, i'd love to aid you in your Gilmore Girl watching...: )

I really want to you get well soon. I'm having Kristen withdraws.