long week.


It's been a really long week. Nothing particularly bad (well...I'll probably write about the bad later). It started out good-free jewelry and skipping class (although I can't believe that was just a few days ago, it seems like it was weeks ago). I had to do 2 observation hours on Tuesday...not bad, just long. I've been scheduling in my homework into my free times and my room has become a DISASTER (which can make even a good week bad). I have a big (very messy) art project that I've been working on...
Like I said, not bad, just long.
So today...
I skipped my 2D design class, went to Target to buy some stuff I've been needing (shampoo, deodorant, etc.), then I came home and started to clean my room, then went to the friendly little salon to get my eyebrows waxed (they're a little smaller than usual, but I think it'll be ok), now I'm going to finish cleaning.

I know, my life is fascinating.