...with Anna. =]

Q: If you had to come up with an idea for a book right now, what would it be?
A: I've been thinking a lot about really artistic people (like photographers, or writers) put into fantastical scenarios (like wonderlands or meetings with their polar opposites) and how those situations foil characteristics out of the main character. Sound vague? Someday it will make since when the novel is published...or if i die and it leaks...

Q: If someone were to create an image (paint, photograph, sculpt, etc.) of you, what would it be like (what style and media)? What would you be doing?
A: That's hard to choose...I think a painting would best suit me, because of the use of color. I'm not sure what i would be doing. Perhaps just sitting, like the Mona Lisa. Except I would like more of my surroundings to show. Hopefully it would be painted in a room full of fabrics and knick-knack...and it would be extremely detailed (Think the Arnolfini marriage) And the colors would be very rich and dramatic. :)

Q: Who do you think is the most beautiful actress?
A: This is haaarrrddd..... Maybe Anne Hathaway. She's amazing beautiful and very sophisticated.

Q: Is there a book or movie character most relate to?
A: Josephine March. Anne of Green Gables. Amelie. All of your stereotypical dreamers who have a hard time living in reality.

Q: What is something in life you wish you were good (or better) at?
A: I wish i was better at finishing what I started.


Meredith said...

Hey Kristin, thanks so much for coming and watching our kids yesterday! Please pass that on to your sisters as well. They had a great time and we really enjoyed the time-away. We haven't been to that cafe in over a year since we brought the kids home! Thanks so much!