interview with elizabeth.


Q&A swap with elizabeth! =]

1. What would you like to be known for?
Loving Jesus and loving people without condition…

2. If you were to inherit a building, what would you do with it/use it for?
Hmmm… A building of apartments for a program to help aged out foster children learn to be responsibly independent, or an art school for underprivileged students… there are lots more things I could do, but those are two of them.

3. What are you passionate about? What makes you angry?
I’m passionate about people, seeing compassion overtake poverty, bringing God’s kingdom to earth, being peacemakers, hope, healing, and learning about community and the early church. I am angry when I see injustice, greed, slave labor, sex trade, people dying from diseases which can be easily cured or prevented with sufficient funds, corporations without a conscious, waste when children are starving, war, stigma which puts hurting people in boxes, racism, and people who throw around Jesus’ name but know nothing about his heart.

4. What are three things you want to do before you die?
-Adopt a child
-Live in Africa
-Write a book

5. What is one of your happiest moments?
I can’t pin one down, but I love having a little one curl up in my lap at work, on mission trips, or while babysitting. Those are my everyday happy moments ☺ I love serving food and talking to people at outreaches in the park or having an amazing worship time with God. Also, I love being with my crazy, wonderful family.

6. Ten years from now, what do you hope to be doing and/or what do you want to be like?
I want to be working in the U.S. or abroad with a ministry or humanitarian organization…

7. What is your favorite Bible verse?
So many, but Romans 12 and Matthew 25:40 are two of my favorites.

8. If you could take a vacation from life, what are three fun/relaxing things you would do?
-read, a lot, at a independently owned coffee shop
-play with bubbles and chalk with my niece
-I would like to travel to Africa, Greece, Italy, Ireland…

9. What do you look forward to doing on weekends?
Mostly, not going to class ☺

10. What are three things you never go anywhere without?
Burt’s Bees Chap stick, Cell Phone, and usually Kristen ☺