don't ask me about blueberries.


People are always asking me about blueberries and the farm. Here's what I know:

1. Blueberries are delicious.
2. We harvest in May.
3. First we send them to the market then we have U-Pick.
4. The market send them all over the world (I know they have sold in Japan).
5. They are not easy to grow.
6. We have...(varieties) Windsor(?), Jewel, Princess(but it's been renamed I think), Emerald...I can't remember the other we have them color-coded... who needs names.

yep, that's the extent of my knowledge. So when I get asked about other things...I make stuff up. For some (very friendly) man came to our door and asked me all about the blueberries. I said something about May and the market and then he said something about Windsor and I said we had them and then he asked which were my favorite..."uhhh, Jewel?" (I have no idea). He asked about some other stuff and I came up with some answers that sounded good...but probably weren't too accurate. I ended with mentioning that this was my dad's farm (so he'd get the hint and stop asking me questions).

So hopefully, Tyler, the Direct Sales Representative for Bright House (he gave me his card) won't remember everything I told him or by May when he comes for U-Pick he will have forgotten most of it and then get the correct information from someone who knows what they are talking about.

The moral of this story...
don't believe my answers (and eat more blueberries).


AshleyMarie said...

Now I want a blueberry or two.. yum :)

elizabeth Langgle said...

so... could i buy a blueberry bush???

:) haha

just kidding...

we would never give up one of joseph's many brothers (and sisters)