did I mention I like lists?


1. My 2D Design class is very interesting (and kinda hard). We're learning color theory now...and there's a lot. Color bias (interesting), mixing warm colors and cool colors, which colors produce different effects...the list goes on.

2. My project for that class is to paint a shoe in analogous colors and then the same shoe in complementary colors. For some reason I'm having a hard time...they just don't look right. =[

3. I accidentally bit my fingernails this week!!! I'm so sad...now I have to start all over. =[

4. I got an A on my last art project which is exciting. =]

(this isn't a very good picture of it...but we had to do a self-portrait using B/W text.

5. I just finished writing a paper for my world religion class about my experience visiting a Catholic church. (My experience was interesting...I'm sure everyone around me knew I wasn't Catholic...I was so confused and had a hard time finding the right pages for everything.)

6. I still have a cold...and now Anna Rose has it too. =[

7. I really like Made By Hank...especially since one of her favorite books is Bread and Jam for Frances. =]

8. For some reason we now have a clock in my house that has bird calls every hour. It's a little bit annoying...and one just called (lol) and sounded like a dying animal.

9. oh oh... (I saved the best for last:) I'm currently working on a "random art of kindness" etsy shop! I'm so excited. =] I'll keep you updated.


Danielle said...

i love love love the self-portrait. I bet that took forever. I did a very similar project a while back...let's jsut say it involves tweezers, glue, and practically microscopic pieces of paper :)