I have recently had little beautiful moments in my life that reminded me to be content where I am in life. To be more than content actually, to love where I am. So many things pull me down but then I stop and take a closer look I find little windows of hope and encouragement.

One of these moments was when I went ice skating a few weeks ago. Our church had a family skating event(?) and I went with my step family =] and 2 of my sisters. While there I skated (and fell) with a bunch of my little 3rd and 4th grade small group girls. It was a lot of fun; we talked, laughed, tried(mostly successfully) not to run people over, and I learned a lot more about them.

Some may say that ice skating would be a good activity to do with a bf, but as I held the mittened hands of my little friends I didn't want it any other way.