Towels take a while to dry.


It's 11:11...I wished for you. =]

...anyways, I've been trying to go to sleep before 11 this week because its good to have a normal sleep schedule. I've been doing really good (suprisingly, because this Christmas break I was up til 3 or 4 a lot of nights (reading) and then slept in...late). But I put in a load of towels tonight and they are drying now which is keeping me up (and throwing off my schedule).

Anyways(again), I am very happy with my semester so far. I have Intro to education MW mornings (with my one of my favorite teachers) I know a few people in it and it should be a very good class...even with the 15 hours of observations. =[ Then I get to bring my lunch to the quiet cafeteria and read my book while I eat or head over to the library to do some hw. After that I walk to my drawing class. It should be fun, there are a lot of nice people in it and I've already had the teacher (who is also nice). On TTR I have 2D design which is challenging but a good class. The only problem with that is its an hour podcasts will be good. =] These classes have a suprisingly good (large) amount of homework (I was expecting that from intro but not my art classes). Its not really hard stuff, just a lot of it. I'm also taking art history online, which should be interesting, I love learing about art and artists and I'm hoping the teacher will be good. Then on W nights I have world religion (with one of my other favorite teachers) and its also very interesting.

I have been a little...concerned (not stressed) about my text book situation. I think every semester I've ordered (most of) my books online. I type in the class and the required books pop up in my shopping cart. Well, this semester it evidently wasn't working very well because I got 3 wrong books and it said I didn't need one for my 2D class (I do). So now I'm falling behind in my assignments while I wait for my correct books to come (the bookstores were out).

......the towels are still drying....

Tonight Anna Rose and I had a girls night. =] She had a bubble bath, I painted her nails, we did an art project (she created, I glued), and then we watched Wonder pets. Here are some pictures! =]

...I'm going to bed. I don't care if the towels are still wet. goodnight.


Sarah said...

aahh! i have those glasses! they are fabulous! i must say anna rose looks better in them than i do though :-)