something is wrong with me.

problem #1: Recently I have become super clumsy. I thought that it was because I've been carrying large objects to class (big sketch books, drawing board, and art supplies-for 2 classes). It's quite difficult especially when it's windy. I usually end up stumbling into my class and barely making it to my easel or table before dropping my pile. However, I can't blame that anymore because I've started dropping things (even when my arms aren't full) and tripping and spilling things and running into things....I'm becoming accident prone.

problem #2: I've had to take different learning style tests for one of my classes. I've already mentioned that I had different results for the meyers-briggs test. I have also taken the Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic test and while I am mainly a kinesthetic learner there are things that confuse me (and contradict themselves) in my results. My mom said that I am a perfect example of how you can't expect people to fall into one certain category. I think that I'm just the exception to the perfeclty normal and always accurate tests.