favorite quote of the week.


I love in the second X Men when Nightcrawler says to Mystique (the shape-shifter) that she could look like anyone, and why doesn't she just look pretend to be normal. She simply says, "Because I shouldn't have to."

She may be crazy looking, but she accepted herself the way she is and won't change for anyone or any reason.*

*technically she does change, but she always changes back to herself.


Meredith said...

I love this-- can I link over to your blog? let me know :) mkp1982@Hotmail.com

Jill said...

Nice post. It's true! :o)

Chris Harm said...

Hey Kristen, I love your message on your blog. I agree that we need to like ourselves for who we are. God made us all awesome and unique. I find your blog on Meredith's.