Book love.


well, I am very excited because I found a combination of two of my favorite things: sales and books. I heard that my(neighboring) small town's book store is going out of business (or moving, can't remember which) and they were having a big sale! So I wandered around picking up book after book, literally shaking with excitement. I ended up with some good ones!

-Jesus wants to save Christians (which was 75% off because they thought it was a Christmas book-I didn't correct them)
-Crazy love
-Confessions of a shopaholic (hehe)
-The 13th tale
-a book for my sister's b-day
-a really nice journal (it was $1.50!)

It was super exciting to leave with a pile of books and spend less than $25! Now I just need to get my homework done so I can read....


elizabeth Langgle said...

ahhh! I get to read rob bell after you!!!