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More Lists.

I love lists. I make lists for everything. From the very common shopping lists to the very effective pro-con lists (for all major decisions). With today being New Years Eve (just barely-12:30ish) I have been thinking about the new upcoming year. I have also been thinking about what has happened in 2008. I made a list. =] It was of all (or a lot) of new things I did this year. It was pretty long which made me happy because it's a shame to waste a year without many new experiences. But I've also gotten nervous because I know I will be doing much more in 2009. I am looking forward to many things that are quickly approaching, but I am much more comfortable with the things I did in 2008. Things that kept me close to home, near my family, and mostly in my comfort zone. I did branch out in a few ways and I definately feel like I have grown a lot over the past year...but I see more growth to come.

I'm reading a book by Ken Gire (one of my favorite authors) called The Divine Embrace. It compares a life with Jesus to a dance with Him. I don't know how to dance or what the next step is but I follow Jesus' lead and put all my trust in Him. There are different parts in the dance, some slow, some confusing, and you never know what will happen next. But with each step you learn a little more and you grow. Not only do you learn to trust your partner (or leader) but you learn to love Him.

As I enter this new year, I don't want to make lists of expectations, I want to follow Jesus' lead and grow. I don't want to look too far ahead and get nervous (and stumble) I want to keep my focus on Him. Let Him lead me in our dance.

Christmas (to do) List:


*make Christmas cookies
*finish finding/making presents
*make copies of Jungle Jam =]
*work on illustrations
*read (the twilight series...)
*clean my room/keep room clean
*spend time with family
*and friends
*not think about school
*watch Christmas movies
*sleep in
*listen to Christmas music
*hang picture (with/for my mom)

i'll probably think of more... that's good for now though.

The Girl Effect.

Eloise! (at Christmas Time)


"Bill's my best friend. He's an actor and wears red socks and I absolutely adore him." =]

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Labor of Love.

One shoe can change your life.

Modern Cinderella by kristenmay



I love kids. Even when they are annoying or wierd.

Today at kid's church I was sitting by this little girl, and we were all playing a game(?) on the big screen...there was a picture divided into 9 pieces and you would choose a piece and that part of the picture would disapear to reaveal the picture underneath...then we'd guess what the picture was underneath. (Does that make sense?) Anyways, a little boy picked a piece and it revealed a picture of baby Jesus in the manger. So the little girl beside me started laughing...and I asked what was funny and she said, "he picked the baby, which means he IS a baby." (more laughter) then she said, "You are what you eat!"

I'm not sure.

Here's a short record some funny things kid have said to me (or I've overhear):

(two 1st/2nd grade girls talking) "Boys just have no respect for us."

(a 2nd(?) girl asked me) "Do you think boys are a little bit obnoxious?"

(a 3rd grade boy was mad at someone and said) "It's a good thing I'm not allowed to KILL!"

those are the only ones I can remember right now...I'll keep my ears open for more good ones. =]

Friday Lessons.


I'm sure all of you are familiar with these photos. "Afghan girl". I recently learned something new (or releared, maybe I already new it and forgot), the girl is around 12 or 13 in the photo on the left! She looks so old. The photographer, Steve McCurry, found her in a refugee camp and then 17 years later found her once more. Her name is Sharbat Gula.

Today I also learned that free rice has many subjects! My new favorites: art and geography. Charis and I played the geography one for...a while, (I'm so easily distracted from studying).
But now I'm super smart :) and know basically every country in the world (haha).

I also have a question...(random? yes.)when you think of Humpty Dumpty, do you think he is an egg? WHY!? I have always pictured him as an egg. It NEVER says he is an egg...why do we think that? Strange.
That's it for today. When I learn something new, or when something exciting happens...
I'll let you know. =]

A Little Princess.


I will give thanks even when things are hard. I will have hope, I will be strong, and I will praise.