I love Fall. I love that it's November. The time change is a little weird and I haven't quite gotten (got? gotten?) used to it but I like the cool(ish)ness. I've had a pretty light week for school assignments so far...not really looking forward to this weekend though. But here's my update. =]

-I'm making my first quilt! My grandma has been here the last week and she's been teaching me.
-I tried to carve my pumpkin but my pumpkin failed me because it was too hard. I could hardly get the knife in it. (I made my mom try too, just to make sure it wasn't my lack of strength that was causing the wasn't). (It was a cute pumpkin too- it had pumpkin warts:)
-I bought a new pumpkin, it's a pale orange and really pretty...I'll hopefully be carving it soon.
-I started reading Leota's Garden, but I haven't gotten very far. I keep getting distracted.
-I returned to finish observing an ESOL (english for speakers of other languages...or something like that) class at BCC (I have to get observation hours for my Diversity class) and I was reunited with my friends from other countries. (Brazil, Pueto Rico, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and some others...) They are all so nice and friendly. I gave them my email address (the teacher's suggestion) so we can keep in touch!
-All politics/parties aside, I think it's super exciting that the we have a black man for a president.
-Anna Rose can walk far when we hold her hands!!!
-I'm in a group in my speech class and I was chosen to be the group leader! What? I'm not a leader, I'm a a sheep, I follow. And my group wanted me to have an important part in our next speech because I was apparently one of the best (according to them...I assure you I'm not a good speecher).
-I saw City of Ember with my sisters. It was really good! I was surprised, I love the book and was expecting the to be a lot different.
-I've decided not to use SR 46 for traveling farther that 10 minutes. Everytime I go somewhere on that road I get really lost...

Happy Fall.