Right now, Charis and I are waiting for a turkey to finish cooking*. We have been placed in charge of turning off the oven at 1:00 am. During the past hour...we have been looking up old toys, dolls, cartoons, that sparked many childhood memories. (Yes, Charis is 8 years younger than me, so she didn't remember everything, but most of the toys were around our house when she was around:) So now I miss being little. It was so exciting to remember all of the toys I played with. There were some good ones! Here are some of my(our) favorites:

Popples, pound puppies, tea bunnies (I had the tulip one), cup cake dolls, original littlest pet shops(so cute!), maple town, my little ponies, polly pockets, glow worms, pony suprise, kitty kitty kittens(they purred), dreamland babies (where you'd call Nanny Annie), The Getalong Gang (cartoon)...

(littlest petshop commercial!)

(The Getalong Gang!)

Ahh, I love childhood. And memories. And cute toys.

*We are having a second Thanksgiving tomorrow for our Migrant workers who will be planting blueberries.


Anna Williams said...

I remember playing with so many of those toys. it. Now i know what i want for Christmas.

vol25 said...

lol we must be about the same age. That littlest pet shop commercial brought back sooo many memories. My sister and I had sooo many of those that were in the commercial. Brought back some good memories. :) Thanks for that!

and popples and glow worms... who could forget those? :)