I’m Kristen, and I’m okay with that…


I am currently taking a painting class and I’ve recently discovered that I’m learning much more than how to paint. The class is pushing me by getting me out of my comfort zone. By being forced to paint in front of others I have learned a lot. I have learned about being vulnerable. I am not able to hide my mistakes and anyone can see them. I have to make a choice every time I paint. I have to choose to not be concerned about what others think of me (or my paintings). I have to forget about how many talented artists surround me. I have to remember that I’m not painting to get people’s approval or acceptance. I have to look beyond my abilities and search for the emotion behind art. I want to learn to express myself through art. I don’t want my expression to be me trying to impress others, or never being satisfied, or trying to be the best. I want my artwork to say something about me, and I want that something to be positive and real. I’m not learning to paint; I’m learning to grow and to be vulnerable. Art isn’t about being the best; it’s about being you, and being okay with that.