Happy Friday.


I was very excited because today was my self-declared-day-off...day. And it was quite lovely. In the morning I went with my momma to garage sales and thrift stores. Where I got a dress for a project in my Diversity class (another topic for another blog) and I got a book (The Giver). Then we went to Thee Kings and they had the (new?) Ted Dekker book (Adam) for $5.00 so I splurged. =] Then we came home and I took care of Anna Rose for a while, made 2 ipod cozies (new sales!), went to the post office to mail them, and went to the library. In the evening my mom and I ate Ramen noodles (not too many, we don't want to loose our hair) and watched Hello Dolly. So today, my thankfulness is for my mom. I love her. =]


Danielle said...

haha i watched that movie with my roomate recently! haha good stufff :)