Well, a fun things have happened since I last wrote, but i'm not sure if i can remember them right now because I have a child attached to me. Yes, Anna (it would be kinda off if there was another kid attached to me). She has been going through one of those stages where she cries at everything and my mom is at her women's group and the minute she left Anna started bawling.
It's been 30 minutes and I am covered with her sweat, tears, snot, and food (she was eating before she started all the food in her mouth ended up on me). It's not pretty.She does have a signal that tells us when shes about to wail. She sticks her lip out really's a little bit adorable.

What? I've also lost my hearing due to the crying/screaming that has taken place in my ear.
So once I can peel Anna off of me I'll update you on the new things I've been up to.

=[ <----me
:*O <----anna


Anna Williams said...

I want to hug her.

I hope little Anna cheers up!