youth art program.


This is so inspiring! I want to do something like it.

Artists United for Christ
... a program for youth in Dallas, Texas. Founder Gwen Davis is passionate about employing art to motivate, educate, and help discipline youth.
“Statistics have shown that programs like our art program have a great impact on their minds,” says Gwen. “I’ve seen the change with these children.” ...... Gwen holds four- to six-week-long workshops in the summer for groups of 20 to 25 youth. “I can’t reiterate enough how much the attitudes of our children have changed. They were rebellious — not disciplined enough in some areas, not focused enough in some areas.”
Through the workshops, participants learn to paint landscapes, still-lifes, and abstracts. They learn they have individual worth as well as a marketable skill.
Gwen organizes art exhibits of their work and holds silent auctions. A percentage of the proceeds go into the pockets of the young artists.

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