This past weekend, my family and I went on a short vacation/business trip. (My dad went to meetings and the rest of us relaxed). It was really nice. Two of my sisters mostly hung out at the pool with "the most awesome" waterslide and lazy river. My mom, Anna Rose, and I watched a variety of tv shows such as, Hannah Montana, Full House, What not to Wear, etc. (this is a big deal because we don't have cable or anything at home). We all (minus my dad) also had a wonderful lunch with the spouces/children (those who weren't going to the meetings). And later we got shoulder/back massages! It was quite nice. =]

The hotel gave April and Charis plastics cups that they could bring to the bar and have refilled as many times as they wanted (with soda of course:). But every once in a while (when one of them didn't want to go) I would take their "kiddie" cup and go get a refill. I was a little amused though, because I waited for the man to refill my pepsi and no one and any idea that next year I could order a drink other than a soda.

That night room service sent us (free) cookies and milk. And while the milk was warm :( the cookies were possibly the best I'd ever eaten.

Our last night there was "cowboy" night and a big dinner buffet was prepared in the "ballroom" (yes, ballroom).

Here are some pictures from the trip. =]


Our lunch was packed in a cute little container=]

There were little horse shoe confetti pieces on our tables at the cowboy dinner... but Charis and
I had different ideas. =]


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