Stormy night.


Tonight there was a big, dark, scary storm (it was pitch black outside at 6:45 (it usually gets dark at 8 something))anyway, my mom and sisters and I decided to have a party night. We figured the lights would go off, so we were going to watch Penelope (my mom's favorite movie) on our portable dvd player, but we started with the game apples to apples.

During this game, Anna Rose crawled around on the floor and stole cards from everyone. Then she would give us cards to put in the middle. (in case you've never played this game, here's what happens: one player puts a green card in the middle, this card has a word such as: lovely. The other players have card with nouns on them, they look for something that could be described as "lovely" and they put it in the middle. Then the person who put the green card down pick up everyone's cards and chooses the one they think is best.

Anywho...Anna's card was picked twice! haha, she was so proud. She would just randomly hand us cards and we didn't know what she gave us, but they were good. Except for one time... The green card said "fragrant". We played that round and when it was over everyone said which card they had put down, there were two left (Anna snuck in two). They were: dirt and wart. haha. she obviously didn't get win that round! I was going to take a picture, but someone used my camera today and I couldn't find it. (Later, the storm lightened up a bit so we watched Penelope on our tv and made cake).

This was a good day. I got a lot done and had a nice time with my family. I'm sooo excited about the weekend. Now I'm going to go watch Pushing Daisies. =]


Anna Williams said...

I love Anna Rose. I need to make a housecall... Soon.