So, tomorrow I'm skipping two of my classes (shhh). I don't have anything due in my first class and my second class is painting and I'm almost done with my piece and I don't want to start another one yet. Therefore, tomorrow is the perfect day to skip. This has been an especially hard semester and I'm exhausted. My weekends have become "homework time" and I feel like all I do is school or homework.

At first, I was excited when I decided I would skip. I thought I would sleep in, clean my room, make some ipod cozies*, and watch the new episode of Pushing Daisies**(online). Unfortunately, I had a reality check when I remembered all the homework I have....soooo, my happy-no-school-day has become my stay-home-from-class-to-work-on-homework-day. This weekend should be good though because my BFF is coming home and I'll get to hang out with her. =]

So***, I will just get up at the regular time I usually wake up and get my homework done and maybe squeeze some happy things in after.

Now that I've probably completely bored you with my oh so exciting life...I will end with this.

This is the life. Hold on tight.
And this is the dream. It's all I
need. You never know where
you'll find it. And I'm gonna
take my time, yeah. I'm still
getting it right.This is the Life ****

*** I need a new transition word


Anna Williams said...

I would have given that blog a thumbs up had you not corrupted it with hannah montana.... But I will miss you tomorrow.